Condolences for Wales’ National Tree

Sad news as one of the Nation’s ancient green monuments is lost forever… Is it just nature taking its course or should we be working to preserve such magnificent specimens as this?

Woodland Matters

You could say that the Pontfadog Oak, which has catastrophically collapsedand died, deserved the title of Wales’ National Tree. A more historic tree would be hard to find. The Welsh Prince Owain Gwynedd rallied his army under this tree in 1157 before taking on, and defeating, the English King Henry ll at the battle of Crogen nearby. The tree is also referred to by George Borrow in his book ‘Wild Wales’ in 1862.

The Pontfadog Oak was also larger almost than life. It had a massive girth of nearly 13 metres making it the third fattest of both of the two native oaks (sessile and pedunculate) in the UK. Some experts thought it might be well over 1,000 years old.

What a sad day. No wonder ancient tree enthusiasts are calling for funding for a state resting place for its remains. Why not in recognition of its long service…

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