About PG

PG – Peter Guille, that’s me!

I’m an independent, self employed, designer/maker, based in Hampshire, working with sustainably sourced local English timber to create all sorts of things including: furniture, joinery, outdoor structures, sculptural installations and pieces of art.

The more inquisitive folk reading this may have noticed how French looking my surname is! I’m actually from the tiny Channel Island of Sark, which lies about 7 miles East of Guernsey, some 25 miles West of the French coast and roughly 80 miles South of the UK mainland. I’m a very proud Sarkee and can trace my family tree back to the original settlers of 1565, when Queen Elizabeth I granted Sark as a fiefdom to a Jerseyman called Helier de Cateret.

My carpentry skills are, like many craftsmen, self taught. But I have been extremely lucky to have worked with, and learned from, some extremely talented, knowledgeable and wise people. I am also a trained Naval Architect (University of Southampton) but, after qualifying, I found that driving a desk was not for me so I got hands on and became a boat builder. I still fiddle with boats when I get the chance; I take on household carpentry and joinery jobs from time to time and of course run the show at www.bespokegreenoak.co.uk

Basically I love designing and making beautiful things. I find having something tangible to show for a day’s work extremely rewarding and I am happiest when I’m tinkering in my workshop. I take my tea strong, with a little milk and one sugar.

Finn and I inspecting a lych gate in Avebury, Wiltshire


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